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NQe201 Fundamentals of Nuclear & Quantum Science (원자핵 및 양자학 개론)

In this course, we discuss the basic principles of quantum mechanics and nuclear physics which are essential to study nuclear and quantum engineering. The key concepts include particle-wave duality, wave function, Schrodinger equation, quantum operators and eigenvalue equations, superposition principle, uncertainty principle, Hilbert space, quantized energy levels and spin angular momentum. Based on these concepts, we discuss the atomic and nuclear structures and the quantum interaction with matters.

NQe363 Fundamentals of Neutron and X-ray Science (중성자 및 X-선 과학 개론)

Radiations have played key roles in the advance of modern science and technology and their roles in the 21 century continue to be important. Especially, neutron and X-ray are very powerful tools to investigate the structures and dynamics of materials which are essential to understand and develop new advanced materials.

In this class, we will discuss the roles of radiations in modern science and technology, the principles of neutron & x-ray scattering, general introduction to radiation sources and instrumentations, and their scientific applications for nano- and bio- materials.

NQe572 Neutron Nano-Characterization (중성자 나노분석)

Neutron scattering is a very powerful technique to measure atomic & nano-scale structures and dynamics of condensed matter including nano-materials, bio-materials, magnetic materials, and etc. In this class, we will discuss the basic concepts of neutron scattering and various elastic and inelastic neutron scattering techniques such as small-angle neutron scattering (SANS), neutron reflectometry, triple-axis neutron spectroscopy, and neutron spin-echo spectroscopy. Based on these, the representative applications of neutron scattering in nano-/bio-materials will be introduced.